What do I need to arrange for transportation to the UK?

Do you want to transport products to the UK, but are some things not quite clear yet? Systematic is the specialist when it comes to UK transport.  There’s a lot involved, and the Brexit hasn’t made it any easier. For example, there is a whole new list of documentation you need to comply with for your transport orders.

As the specialist in UK transport, Systematic is happy to help you. You can use the checklist below to make sure you have all the necessary documentation for your transport order to England. Do you have questions about this, or is it not entirely clear? Then our specialized UK service desk is ready for you. They can help you with questions about the required documentation for your UK transport, as well as other questions about your shipment to the UK. This is also the reason why we have already satisfied more than 600 customers with our service!

Required documents for transport to England

    • Export document (Authorization if required, if we can arrange this for you)
    • Customs clearance document (Authorization if required, if we can arrange this for you)
    • CMR
    • Invoice including:
  1. Name and address details of supplier (Incl. EORI + VAT number)
  2. Name and Address of customer (Incl. EORI + VAT number)
  3. Invoice number + Date
  4. Total Invoice Price
  5. Currency
  6. Reference numbers if any
  7. Delivery terms (Incoterms)
  8. Per product, a complete description of the product
  9. Per product, the HS-code (customs statistical number)
  10. For each product, the quantity (number + gross and net weight + packaging)
  11. Per product, the unit price excluding VAT
  12. Per product, the customs value
  13. For each product, the country of origin

Systematic the specialist in UK transport

We offer you a flexible transport partner where customer satisfaction comes first. We achieve this by offering optimal personal support in the form of a special UK service desk. The employees of this service desk are experienced and specialized in all questions concerning your transport order to the UK. So you never have to worry about any uncertainties!

In addition, you manage your orders instantly anywhere, anytime with our online booking system and track and trace your cargo easily. And all this for an excellent rate! Curious about your price? Request a quote.

Do you have further questions about exporting to England? Feel free to contact our dedicated UK service desk so that together we can make your freight transport to England run smoothly.

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