Brexit update November

The EU has again agreed to a Brexit delay of three months with a deadline of 31 January 2020.

New general elections are scheduled for December 12, 2019.

The UK has the option to leave the EU before January 31 if the exit deal is approved and supported by the UK parliament before that date.

We kindly ask you to continue your Brexit preparations as planned and to continue to monitor the situation.

We still have no guarantees for a deal or no-deal Brexit.


Update September:

The government in England is not standing still in its preparations for the Brexit. Read more in our PDF document addressed to English business: “How to import goods from the EU into the UK through roll on roll off (RoRo) locations after Brexit”

See also our special Brexit infopage.


Brexit update March 2019

Dear customer,

In recent weeks, the market to and from England has turned completely upside down.

Due to the strikes in Calais, the great uncertainty about the Brexit and the sudden increase in volume, the ferries in the UK have been completely overbooked.

This has major consequences for normal transit times and the availability of loading meters.

Thanks to our good relationship with the various ferry companies, we have been able to maintain our planning with the necessary creativity and extra commitment.

Working with your own people and equipment now proves all the more a big advantage.

Some important starting points for the coming weeks as long as we do not know what the Brexit will bring us:

Export / import is only possible if the UK has formally left the EU:

  • We will therefore at this time not be able to issue a transit guarantee from 27 March
  • Cargo until March 27 will normally cross the UK/EU border under the old conditions and before March 30
  • Loads from March 27 can be delayed somewhere in the chain

As you are used to from us, we always do our utmost to ensure that everything runs as normally as possible.

We recommend that you take into account possible delays and deviations from your normal shipping pattern in your own schedule.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.


Update january: The current Brexit situation

In order to properly prepare ourselves for the upcoming Brexit, we would be best served by taking into account three potential scenarios.

The hard Brexit:

After 29 March, British membership will be terminated without any proper follow-up agreements having been made in the areas of trade, workforce and borders. Border checks will suddenly begin taking place, with all the expected consequences. New agreements and conventions will have to be made all over again.

This is highly undesirable and, according to many sources, this will lead to chaos at the borders.

The soft Brexit:

After 29 March, British membership will be terminated, with good agreements having been made for significant matters. Due to these good intentions and initial agreements, there will be an extended period (until 2020) during which both parties can continue to do business and organise with each other. A great many things can occur during this transitional period of 21 months.

The alternative:

The British government does not receive sufficient support from its country. A new referendum and new elections would not be unfathomable.

If it does get that far, the question is whether the majority will still vote for Brexit. The United Kingdom may remain a “standard” member of the European Union.

What will Systematic do?

Just like everyone else, the only thing we can do currently is be alert, let the most recent updates sink in, draw the right conclusions and then commit to the appropriate steps that will follow.

Unfortunately, the hard Brexit is becoming increasingly likely. We will coordinate our preparations with this in the months to come, so that our clients do not have to face these issues alone.

What we want to share with you ahead of time:
  • Request an EORI number from the customs office via the link below.

Businesses, that make customs reports or in whose name customs reports are made, need this number.

  • Always add a sales invoice to the shipment. Do not do it after the fact, as is often the case currently
  • Prepare for wait times at ferry terminals. Required checks conducted by terminal operators and ferry companies will create additional wait times. We will discuss lead times and additional costs with our clients well beforehand.
  • Check our website to stay informed of the latest updates;

Our earlier news about the Brexit

You probably have noticed that neither the EU or the UK are quite done with each other yet.

The small steps that are currently being made do not provide the business community with the foothold it needs to take the proper, necessary steps. The United Kingdom will be a part of the customs union and internal market during the transition period until 1 January 2021. The official Brexit date has been set to 29 March 2019, 23.00h British time.

This gives all parties more time to negotiate their trade agreements as needed and to get a better handle on customs capacity.

Systematic is continuing to follow the developments and will regularly inform you, our client, of what we learn.